You’re not a Bridezilla!

You want your wedding to be perfect!

And I get that! That’s why I developed a revolutionary entertainment package for Perth brides, that will make your day…Perfect.

This is just the start of your perfect day!

Picture this – you arrive at your wedding ceremony… You can see your handsome man waiting patiently for you. He looks relaxed.
You step out of the limousine you hear the voice of your celebrant clearly.
Everyone stands and you hear your song playing.
You say I do and sign the wedding certificate.
Your chosen song is played at the perfect level…not too loud and not to quiet.
You’re then presented as Mr and Mrs. As you walk back down the aisle you breathe a sigh of relief.
The ceremony ran smoothly and everybody heard what was going on.

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The excitement builds as you have photos with the immediate family. You can still hear music and the guest are being entertained.

You know what’s in store…
Party time!!!

You see, instead of asking a guest to play the music, it would be so much better if it were included in your entertainment package!
Why inconvenience your guests by asking one of them to help and add more stress to your day!

Another stumbling block is the dreaded MC duties.
Have you noticed how hard it is to find someone that wants to speak into a microphone?
Why have all those ums and ahhs and people not hearing what is being said?
Included in your wedding package are full MC duties. So your problem is solved!

As I said before…
This revolutionary wedding package will make your day perfect!

revolutionary entertainment package for Perth brides

No more asking someone to play music or spending time hiring a portable speaker. You will save money as we include ceremony music and a portable, battery powered PA with wireless microphone. (Your celebrant will love this as they don’t need to use their equipment)

Your mind will be at ease as we attend your rehearsal with you, your fiance and your celebrant. We will bring the equipment that we will use on the day so you get to hear and you mind will be at ease knowing it’s covered!

Everyone will be able to hear your MC. Our leading DJ has over 20 years experience of speaking into a microphone – no more fumbling noise just clear, concise communications…and your guests can relax and enjoy themselves.

You’re probably thinking but what about the party and you’re right!

The party is the main ingredient in your entertainment package and our package is designed with you in mind!

It’s your night, we want you to have the time of your life, so we work closely with your chosen suppliers.This ensures all times are adhered to.
We want you to have the maximum party time. In fact, we limit the time we play to the venues shut off time.

If your wedding package is for 8 hours at the venue…we will cover the music for 8 hours…
As the Venga Boys sang…”We like to party” and we do to. This gives you full music all night and is all included in your package.

Let’s quickly recap; we’ve covered a lot of ground. Your wedding package includes:

Ceremony Music – before, after and during the ceremony.

Attendance at your ceremony rehearsal session

Full MC duties – Our leading DJ has been a professional public speaker for 20 years.

Unlimited hours (subject to venue restrictions) – we’ve been booked from 1pm to 2 am for the one amazing price!

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You will save money!

You’ve probably done your research and have a rough idea of what entertainment packages for weddings typically cost. I know I have and I was shocked some packages are almost $2000 plus you have to add in the cost of MCing and having music at your ceremony.

In fact, I used to contract to a number of agencies and decided enough is enough. Weddings are expensive and the price of some entertainment packages are outrageous!

What I have done is cut out the middleman; you get to deal directly with the DJ. There are no over-inflated prices, no add-in costs or hidden surprises. I charge one flat fee… and you will be surprised on how affordable this fee is!

In fact, the fee is that fantastic that I am offering to sit down with you and your fiancé, have a coffee and discuss your wedding. Totally OBLIGATION FREE!!!

As a way of saying thanks, for letting me shout you a coffee and discussing your wedding, I’ll shout you both to the movies as well!

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P.S If you book Elite DJs Perth at our catch up, not only will you get the revolutionary wedding entertainment package that includes ceremony music, DJ/MC and unlimited hours (Subject to venue restrictions) but I will UPGRADE your movie tickets to GOLD CLASS!
Hurry, as this offer is limited to the first 5 bookings!

Free movie ticket terms and conditions:

  • Available to couples that have not booked their wedding entertainment
  • Date must be set but venue can be advised at a later date
  • Not valid at The Boashed Restaurant
  • Meeting must be completed with both bride and groom present
  • Elite DJs Perth values your privacy and we will never release your personal details to a third party without your permission
  • Gift Card subject to the terms and conditions of the gift card