Noise Management Plan

Have you found the perfect venue and then discovered that they have noise restrictions? 

It can be frustrating; you want your special day to be perfect and the neighbouring properties want their peaceful night.

Did you know that this scenario is becoming more and more common, especially with our expanding population and the rapid sub-developments.

 Most DJs are only concerned with one thing and that is how loud the dance floor is!

Noise Management Plan - Elite DJs Perth

Why I developed a Noise Management Plan

Early 2019 I actually DJed at one venue. The night was a huge success for the newly weds, they danced, we were allowed to go past closing time. It was a huge success!

 I approached the owner at the end of the night and he scolded me for being too loud! Apparently, the venue had noise restrictions but I was never informed!

It got me thinking;  what can I do to ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

I started researching local councils and their noise regulations and discovered a common solution.

This solution is a Noise Management Plan!

I consulted with a Sound Consultant. I then purchased a high quality sound meter, learnt how to use it correctly, devised a way to record the sound levels, measured all my equipment and wrote up my very own Noise Management Plan.

This ensures that your dance floor is loud, management know how to deal with any possible complaints and everyone can have the best night of their life.

The Elite DJs Perth's Noise Management Plan is not available to the general public as it’s customised to my equipment and set up, but it is available when we sit down and chat about your special day.

A couple of things to keep In mind are:

  • Your venue might not have noise restrictions now but it could in the future.
  • Not all DJs know how to tame the noise outside the dance floor
  • Most venues don’t have the correct monitoring equipment (I’ve seen some venues use their phone to record the sound levels.
  • Most smart phone mics are not accurate enough to true reading of sound levels).

My sound level meter has been used at Crown Casino (yes,  they have noise restrictions), Perth Zoo, venues in the Swan Valley and the Hills.

Our Noise Management plan is include at no additional cost


As Perth’s leading DJ, this service is included at no extra charge.  This way the venue is happy, neighbouring properties enjoy their night and most importantly your dance floor will be how you want it...A big loud, full sound including enhanced with sub woofers!

 So, let’s catch up and discuss your special day!