Elite DJ's Perth Free Wedding Planner Giveaway!

Organising your special day can get very overwhelming.

You’ve probably sent off many emails, visited many venues had countless meetings and keeping track of everything can get out of hand.

I’m very fortunate to have spent over 12 years in the wedding industry and have spent countless hours streamlining the order of events on the night.

I can’t be at every wedding, however you can have some of my knowledge with my Free Wedding Planner to help you organise your special day.

When I looked a digital planners, they were all designed for the American market and not relevant to what happens here in Perth, Australia.

So I spent hours working on my digital planner so it is relevant to your needs.

I could sell this on Etsy for anywhere up to $100 but you can have it for free.

Simply fill out your details below and I’ll email you through the download link.

Congratulations on getting married!