COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 has changed the way every business is operating and the entertainment industry is no different. To protect our clients, their guests, venue staff and our artists we have adopted the following guidelines to ensure  all guests and staff are kept safe.

Unfortunately,  with the government imposed guidelines, any symptoms that resemble the common cold or flu, need to have a COVID test.  With the self isolation involved until the results are known, it possible that I might have to cancel bookings due to self isolation. This is the last thing that Elite DJs Perth would want to happen.

On the night COVID measures.

  • On the night song requests  – DJ Scott-e is more than happy to play your guests request. Simply follow the directions of the sign in front of the DJ booth as the sms goes directly to the DJ. Please note that most requests are played but sometimes songs are not played due to time commitments, a high level of requests or one person making excessive requests.
  • Two wireless microphones are available on the night. One for the DJ and for the MC/speeches.
  • Limited interaction between guests and other staff. The only people allowed to approach the DJ on the night are The Bride and Groom, or host, MC and one staff member from the venue or wedding co-ordinator.

Lockdown Measures

In the event of a government imposed lockdown due to community transmission.

Based on the two lockdowns that we have experienced so far, a transition period back to pre lockdown status is normally in place. With that Elite DJs Perth will automatically suspend your booking  and await correspondence from the host.  

We recommend postponing your event rather than cancelling your event as cancelling could forgo your deposit.  If your new date is booked you will receive a full refund of any amount paid (less any deposits that Elite DJs Perth has paid out for accommodation; if applicable).

If you wish to cancel without postponing. all refunds are assessed on a case by case and depending on the amount of work completed towards your event, will depend on your refund amount.  At the most, Elite DJs Perth will not charge more than the deposit amount on your invoice.  This amount is generally $150 but in some cases the deposit could be higher.

If a G2G pass is required to travel from Perth to any region, Elite DJs Perth will source the pass.


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