How awesome would it be if you could set the tone for the wedding dance floor before the guests arrive?

Wedding Dance Floor


One couple, who had an awesome wedding,  decided that a blackboard was a great way to set the their expectations of how the dance floor should be.

Here’s what they did! They set up a sign on the wedding dance floor with the rules for the night.

The Wedding Dance Floor

Ingenious! Instantly, the guests knew that they had to occupy the wedding dance floor, perform dance offs and more…

There was one ingredient needed to set this dance floor alight…Good music, mixed well and plenty of groove!

That’s where Elite DJs Perth came in. Our lead DJ, Scott-e, willingly obliged with a pre dance floor set of current and classic warm up songs. Tracks like: Strip That Down, Versace On The Floor, even songs like Sexy Eyes by Dr. Hook worked (after all that is a sexy beat Dr. Hook has). Next thing he knew the dance floor was packed.

The night still had the Groom’s speech, father/daughter dance and bridal dance to go!

Later That Night

At the end of the night DJ Scott-e managed to catch up with the Bride and Groom, as they were staying at the venue, after many hugs and thanks from them (We got the feeling they enjoyed the night), Scott-e  apologized about the dance floor starting before they got a chance to open it with their dance and explained that traditionally the Bridal dance indicates it’s time for dancing.

They were not fazed one little bit about people dancing early; their attitude was awesome. They had wanted their guests to have fun and dance all night and here at Elite DJs Perth, we take the same stance. If you want your guests to have fun and party before the bridal dance, we will honour your request, of course.

If you would like Elite DJs Perth to Perfect Your Night, we would be more than happy to have a chat with you and go over your requirements for your special day. Simply contact us and we would be more than happy to catch up for a coffee!