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Drasko & Bianca’s Wedding

Drasko & Bianca's Wedding

Recently I DJed (thanks to Groove Night Avenue) at Drasko and Bianca’s Wedding. It was a Serbian affair with a big entertainment line up. I was totally unaware that the beautiful couple celebrating their wedding was Drasko and Bianca from MKR.

There was a Serbian band (who were awesome), an acoustic duo, Scott and Ella, who I regularly have with me at weddings, and this awesome couple.

Like every wedding or event I DJ at, I give it 110% regardless of how packed the dance floor is or who the couple is getting married. This was no difference, I patiently waited for my turn, the newly wed’s came up to me indicating that they wanted me to start the dance floor up. I obliged with a mash up of Michael Jackson and Omi. That was it, the dance floor was packed and it stayed that way until the newly married couple left.

I thought nothing more of the night, until I watched TV, in particular My Kitchen Rules.  I was half paying attention and half preparing for my next wedding, when I heard the name of one particular couple and the fact that they were from WA.  My ears pricked up and I watched the TV for a few more minutes.

The couple I had DJed for were MKR celebrities. I had no idea when I met with them prior to their wedding or on the day.  They did mention that they loved cooking and hoped to own their own eating establishment.

Anyway, I’d like to wish Drasko and Bianca all the best in MKR, also in their journey together as husband and wife. YOU GUYS ROCK, it was an absolute pleasure to end your day of celebrations with my DJ set. 🙂