Elite DJs Perth and Covid -19

Covid-19 has changed the way we live and during these uncertain times, Elite DJs Perth is redeveloping our packages for Perth weddings, corporate functions and parties.

We are still hard at work and still accepting books and our promise to you is that when emerge in the other side Elite DJs Perth will continue to Perfect Your Night!

If we look back over history, after every major global event we don’t return to our previous state, we move forward!

And that is exactly what Elite DJs Perth will do after Covid-19!

When we emerge in the other side Elite DJs Perth will have the most affordable, comprehensive entertainment package.

Covid-19 and Elite Djs Perth

Elite DJs Perth will continue to be Perth’s leading mobile DJ and during this current pandemic, we are developing revolutionary entertainment packages.

Our promise to you is your booking will continue as agreed. If you need to postpone due to the current restrictions, we will accomodate your requirements within every possible means.

If you require a quote on any function please contact us here.

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